How a Southeast Asian Plant Extract Helps Men Feel Their Best

Health-conscious men who want to improve their overall well-being often rely on natural supplements. With that in mind, thousands routinely take Tongkat Ali root extract. Derived from a Southeast Asian plant, it is often consumed in order to reverse the symptoms of low-testosterone. Tongkat Ali is also popular among bodybuilders, who use it to enhance their workout results.

A Definition of Tongkat Ali Root

For centuries the people of Southeast Asia have harvested a tall plant called Eurycoma longifolia, or Tongkat Ali and used it as an aphrodisiac. They grind and add it to boiling water, to make a sort of medicinal tea. Today the plant is also harvested commercially and turned into a water-soluble powder using controlled processes. It is sold worldwide as a natural supplement that can positively affect men’s testosterone levels and help them build strength.

Tongkat Ali Can Increase Testosterone Levels

Men all over the world take Tongkat Ali extract in order to treat common symptoms of low testosterone. These can include low sex drive, fatigue and depression. The condition is very common in males over 30, but many men do not want to resort to hormone therapy that could have side effects. They often take Tongkat Ali, which does not introduce any hormones into the body. Instead, it creates a chain reaction that causes the body to create more testosterone. Men are able to use it over a period of time to safely keep testosterone levels exactly where they want them.

Bodybuilders Use Tongkat Ali Extract

Body builders often rely on Tongkat Ali extract to enhance the results of strength training. The extract raises their levels of available free testosterone, which is critical to muscle building. Users see a gradual improvement that begins as early as one week after they begin taking the supplement. Over a period of about 6 weeks most men notice an improved sense of well-being, more muscle mass and increased strength. They control results by adjusting supplement dosages.

A plant-derived supplement called Tongkat Ali extract offers men a safe, natural way to increase testosterone levels. They can take it to reverse common symptoms of low testosterone, including fatigue and depression. Tongkat Ali also enhances men’s workout results by making more muscle-building free testosterone available to the body.