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Camping Coffee Pot Saves the Day!

Few years back, me and my wife were working for a charter school that follows the traditional 8 to 5 office hours and we need to be there half an hour before and after. Devoting 10 hours of our life every day on job is a recipe for feeling stressed and exhausted while adding as well to the obstinate teens, take home assignments and the administrator politics too. Well if without my camping coffee pot, then I surely be suffering from ulcer.

This is actually the reason why after I was laid off from my job, it has made me celebrate more than mourn. The truth is, my wife followed my footsteps several months later and turned her resignation letter. And once we got our freedom from this tyranny, that is when we started to realized how much of our lives were taken away. There were people and close friends who we had not spent time with for years, despite knowing that we’re just on the same part of town.

We’ve made a decision of starting our own business, to get that elusive freedom and spend time how we want it, take vacation, go on a camp and use our camping coffee pot and so forth. From this moment, we had started brainstorming ideas on new business.

The difference between working for yourself and for someone else is that, you have to work twice as hard. If you’re just starting out in your business, you will feel the gravity of challenges you have to face. In the first several months of doing business, our workdays typically stretched to 12-hours a day and even goes beyond it at times. Luckily we had our camping coffee pot giving us the energy boost on times that our body is nearly giving up. When we’re not working at the shop, we’re glued to our computers trying to schedule class, reach to vendors and spread the word out on our social media accounts.

Before long, we suddenly realized we had gone almost 3 years without giving ourselves a break. Back then, we used to take road trips every year but these days, we consider ourselves lucky to drive a couple of hours to visit our family. Once, we’re avid campers that are equipped with advanced camp stoves and camping coffee pot. Work expands in filling the gaps in available time and because we hadn’t put up boundaries, it’s exactly what has happened. That is exactly when we made actions to rectify it while we are using camping coffee pot.