Three Ways To Enhance The Usable Space In Small Homes

One of the fastest growing trends in the real estate market is steering buyers away from larger homes, and instead maximizing smaller spaces that are not as financially stressful to maintain. The idea of moving to a more condensed living arrangement may be stressful at first, but a few small changes will make even a tiny home feel like a grand space that provides more than enough room. Here is a look at three ways to improve the usability of a small home.

Maximize Storage

There are a plethora of ways to store items so that they are kept safe and are not visible to guests. One of the least used areas in a small home is the area underneath any stairs that may lead to a second floor or loft. The incorporation of furniture that is composed of drawers and other easy to access cubbies serves two purposes, as it adds character and style to a room while acting as an excellent storage option.

Install Pocket Doors

Opening a door eats up a significant amount of space, and while doing away with them entirely isn’t always an option, the use of pocket doors provides privacy without taking up too much room. Pocket doors are designed to slide between the studs located in a wall, which allows them to remain out of the way when not in use. In addition to being easy to install, they are also economical and will have a dramatic effect on the overall feeling of a smaller sized home or flat.

Incorporate Additional Windows

Few details open up a space like windows, and they are also an excellent source of natural light. If small living space is dark and uninviting, it may be time to consider adding additional windows. The cost of installing new windows is relatively inexpensive, and it creates a spacious feeling as well as adding a great deal of character and value.

The right design will turn even the smallest space into the perfect place to call home. Check out to learn more about design innovations that are making smaller houses more stylish and comfortable than ever before. Thinking outside the box will turn any little house into a breathtaking dream home.