August 2018

A pond is the perfect addition to any backyard landscape. Listening to the water flow and watching fish swim about is very relaxing and enjoyable. However, owning a pond is also a big responsibility. There are many things a homeowner should do to maintain the health of their pond.

Create a Diverse Habitat

A pond is a living ecosystem. Everything placed in and around the pond will serve as part of this system. A backyard pond should feature a diverse assortment of plants and wildlife to help the environment thrive.

Many people try to over-manage their pond, and this is not necessary. Don’t try to keep a pond tidy. Instead, let nature take control, and give the habitat freedom to thrive. Sit back and watch as the wildlife and plants work together to create a beautiful space.

Keep the Water Oxygenated

No one wants to put a lot of time …

It is a known fact that humans react to their surroundings. This includes sight and smell. People are more prone to staying longer in an environment that has a nice scent as opposed to one that does not smell of anything. Pleasant smells attract people to act a certain way depending on their settings. Below are further details of the effects of ambient scenting can have on people in different scenarios.

The Effects Of Using Scents At Different Areas

Different studies have been conducted regarding pleasant scents and the effects those haves has on people. Such studies have shown that pleasant scents increase a consumer’s chances of purchasing items. For example, studies have shown that consumers are more likely to stay in a place up to 44% longer because of its pleasant smell. This applies to many retail outlets, thus increasing their chances of making multiple sales. Pleasant scents have also been …